Baby Plan


The Tidbit Collection Baby Plan captures a year of baby with a customizeable series of full-length portrait sessions.  Each session purchase is based upon the discounted Tidbit Collection Baby Plan Bundle:  10 high res digital images +  1 Print Collection  + and end of plan Keepsake Slideshow/Video App.  Choose 4 sessions within the year and receive a gorgeous album highlighting your baby’s entire beautiful first year of life for just $99.   New!  Video is now being incorporated into all baby plan session Keepsake Apps.

Sessions are held at my Doylestown Borough studio or outdoors.

Siblings may be included in each session at no additional cost.

Choose as few as two sessions within your year.  Milestone ages of 3, 6, 9 and 12 months are recommendations but you’re free to space your sessions out to take advantage of fall foliage, holidays or other milestones that are important to you.


  • Siblings and Mom & Dad are invited to be photographed at each session at no additional cost
  • Moms of Multiples – one baby plan registration includes up to three babies
  • Sessions can be scheduled for in-studio or nearby outdoors, depending upon the season
  • Sessions are booked on weekdays and available Saturdays.  Sessions are booked on a first come/first served basis so feel free to book your year out ahead of time!
  • Sibling-swap:  in the spirit of loving all of your children equally,  siblings may be substituted for baby to feature your other little favorite.  Ex. Substitute 3 month baby session for big brother’s 4th birthday.  Does not include newborn, First Holy Communion or HS Senior portraits. 
  • Cake Smash sessions can be included in your baby’s plan with an upgrade fee to create a set customized for your baby, cake and bubble bath included.


This is a pay as you go baby plan where each session is a flat fee and each session includes the exact same things:  10 digital images, a complimentary print collection + the Mobile App.    Registration for a year’s worth of portraits is just $175.  Registration covers the session fees for all sessions in the plan.  Registration is reduced to $49 with current newborn clients.

At the time of scheduling each session, you’ll pay a flat fee based upon the following schedule:
* 1st session – $385
* 2nd session – $335
* 3rd session – $285
* 4th session – $285

(All session payments will have 6% PA sales tax added)

The average for each session comes out to $285 per session when choosing the four session plan. This is our most discounted pricing offered and is only available with this plan and it’s twin, The Essential Family Collection (the big kids’ version of a baby plan).

Tidbit Baby Plan Print Collections (choose one per session)

  • 1 11×14″ print, 1 8×10″ print and 3 5×7″ prints, or
  • 1 11×14″ print, 2 8×10″ prints and 1 5×7″ print, or
  • 2 8×10″ prints and 5 5×7″ prints, or
  • 1 11×14″ print, or
  • 2 11×14″ prints, or
  • 1 8×10″ print, or
  • 2 8×10″ prints, or
  • 10 5×7″ prints

Print Collections are chosen on a session by session basis. Print choices are limited to the images chosen for your digital images.  No substitutions in print size/quantities. Unused print options may not be rolled over to subsequent sessions.


My studio is located in a large, 2nd floor space in Doylestown Borough near the Bucks County Courthouse.  I’m fully stocked with an abundance of props and backdrops for boys and girls.  If you brought nothing but baby and a diaper bag, we’d have everything that we needed for an amazing portrait session!  The vast majority of props shown in my portfolio are studio props available for your use as well as the majority of the boutique clothing items shown in my portfolios.  You are encouraged to bring items from home to further personalize your session.

Portrait sessions should be a fun, un-rushed, very positive experience!    Sessions are typically booked in 2-hour time blocks so that we don’t feel the need to rush.  Babies and young children need extra time built into their session for feeding/snack breaks and snuggles.  On the occasion that baby is having a very off day, and it becomes obvious that we’re not going to capture the breathtaking images that we had hoped for, we simply reschedule for one day the following week.  This is what I lovingly refer to as the Take 2 approach of photographing babies and small children.


  • Location permits and fees are your responsibility (but I have a ton of free places that I can suggest!)
  • Sessions may not be substituted for senior portrait, engagement, first holy communion, and studio events such as The Bunny Hop, or family events such as showers, weddings, christenings, birthday parties, etc.
  • Each session’s Digital Bundle is pre-paid only, session is considered fully-booked upon receipt of payment
  • All session bundles will have 6% PA sales tax added
  • Session purchases may not be combined with previous session images.
  • Payment schedule is firm, skipping a session doesn’t alter the schedule
  • Registration fee is non-refundable
  • Registration will not exceed a 12 month time period, the 13th month begins a new registration


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